Tracking code doesn't appear.

If you can't see the Google Analytics Tracking Code in your clients area then, there are two possible reasons. The first one affects both versions (Light and PRO) of GA Tracking Code while the later affect only the PRO version.

So, the first you have to do, is to check your template files to see if before the "head" closing tag </head> exists the {$headoutput} code. If it's not then add it there and you will see the code.

The second reason, which affects only the PRO version, is the configuration option "Track Admins". This option is there to exclude the GA Tracking Code from the client pages of your site when you logged as admin. That prevents the mixing of your actions with those of your clients and keeps your statistics clean. So, if for any reason you want to check the tracking code or you want to track also the admins actions in the clients area, go to "Setup"->"Addon Modules" page, click on the "Configure" button of the "New Google Analytics" and locate the "Track Admins". Tick on the checkbox and save your changes.

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